1st Triage Services
We recognize that not all customers can be served by one service. As a result of years of experience with self-insured employers and workers' compensation carriers, 1st Triage has developed two distinct services to meet the varying needs in the marketplace:

1. Triage: This service focuses on workers' compensation injuries using unique algorithms tailored to workplace injuries.

2. Initial Care Coordination (ICC): This service is designed to provide education to injured employees regarding health care consumerism. Thus providing a low cost solution to employers at the onset of a claim by coordinating appropriate medical care while directing into a provider network.

  • Utilization of treatment protocols: distinguishing self-care versus clinical treatment versus emergency room care
  • 24/7 access to a Registered Nurse, no intake coordinator
  • Proven reduction in OSHA recordable claims
  • Avoidance of unnecessary claims

  • 24/7 access to a Medical Professional, no intake coordinator
  • Collaborative descision making with injured employee surrounding appropriateness of treatment
  • Provide education surrounding healthcare consumerism thus avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Coordination of immediate medical care to include scheduling appointments with preferred providers
  • Does not utilize Triage protocol in determining self-care versus clinical treatment versus emergency room care

  • 24/7 accessibility resulting in timely reporting of claims
  • First fill pharmacy utilization
  • Initiation of incident report or First Report of Injury
  • Summary of the call sent to all stakeholders, real time
  • Increased preferred provider network penetration
  • Provides the employee with call back instructions if symptoms worsen or new symptoms arise
  • Quarterly Cost Savings Reports
1st Triage has utilized unique techniques to help self-insured employers and insurance carriers control workers' compensation costs for the last several years. Our TeleNursing services are designed to provide undeniable advantages at a low cost from the onset of a claim. Recognizing several basic principals in managing workers' compensation injuries, our early intervention services have saved thousands of dollars for employers while helping employees receive timely and appropriate care. Carriers and employers will benefit in many ways by selecting a customized TeleNursing service whether it be ICC or Triage. The average cost of an emergency room visit ranges from $2000 to $3000. ICC and/or Triage services have the capability to save your company 15-20% on overall claim costs while reducing reporting lag time by 3-5%.
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